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Sunday, November 18, 2007

pix and all

the pix below are of my first mode of transportation in WA. The bike belonged to Children of the Nations, it was wonderful exercise riding it to and from work. the Pirates are at the Pirates Festival at the Pacific still in WA and then the horses are ambling along the beach STILL in WA. above are some pix from ID: I'm the darkest so it won't be hard to spot me. The one has Binx and I, on whose horse I am atop further down this blog, and then there's the one of Bunko night with the ladies, and the other is with on of my best friends Rhoda. She's from Malawi but lives in AZ and came over to visit me in WA.


Victor Kaonga said...

Hie Thandi. I was happy to see you in the blog. Keep it up. I am happy to see smiles!!!

Buckaroo Thandi said...

Thanx Victor, I'm a Ngoni so I have to smile in the face of anything! Cheers!