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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanksgiving was last Thursday so this post is a little late. Mel and I decided we were too tired to cook anything that night so we decided we were going to eat out. We brain stormed: Steers, Cafe Delight, Chick "o"Rellos. Mel suggested Nandos, and we decided we were going to check out Golden Dragon first and then Nandos because we really didn't want Junk and we were feeling partial to Chinese/portuguese a la Nandos. We found Goldern Dragon closed and Nandos under rennovations...upsetting.
I wanted to take a short-cut to Chick "O"s but ended up on the Area 3 road and remembered that there is a Chinese Restaurant there I had never been to. It's called Emerald and we were pleasantly surprised with their service and food. Impeccable. I commented that we thought we were taking ourselves out but it was actually God taking us out because we ended up at a surprise spot that gave us such a good time. I had sweet and sour, steamed rice, and we got complimentary juicy mango slices. Mel had steamed rice and hot nuts, vegs, and chicken combination, can't remember what it was called. We missed having guys there, tssk tssk. It was a unique Thanksgiving don't you think, no turkey, no football...still fun

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