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Saturday, December 15, 2007


Melanie is returning to the US next Thursday, after having been here for over a month. We've had quite the experience, good and bad but overall I'm really glad she came. This has been my first time hosting somebody. I'm really glad there is Peace Veronica (that's my other housemate's name) and Grenna's long visits to add variety and spice to her stay in our apartment.

Now, as she returns to the US I've found myself country-sick for the US (as in homesick, except it's not technically my home over there). There is a little cove (or alcove, whatever it's called) at the top of the stairs in our apartment. I spent a good amount of time last night putting up the Stars and Stripes, I have a good sized US flag. I bought a nice shelf just for American souvenirs so I placed all that I could display on there, the BSU bear, starbucks cards, one of my Idaho number plates, a Ten Thousand Villages box, Library cards etc. Oh, that reminds me, where is my Crater Lake little stone? It could be the only lava rock in Area 11.

I've found myself missing the US more and more. I love being home and being busy as I work in Malawi, I only just wonder......

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