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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let's support Steve Constantine

Ok, Steve Constantine is our national soccer team's coach. The newspapers have said all kinds of nasty things against him the latest of which is calling for his resignation over his use of colorful words when he expressed his disappointment over the U-20's performance at the tournament in South Africa. I don't condone the use of colorful language (i.e variations of the following words: *flip*, *bullshiznit* , I should have killed someone by now! etc) btw, thanks Code for giving us these wonderful variations.....Anyway, yeah. I don't like colorful language but I believe this coach has the right coaching spirit.

I am very patriotic but where soccer is concerned, I've had enough with the laxity in our soccer teams and it's about time someone yelled at them because they have costed us time and money as a nation for so long. Tssk Tssk They should have asked me to yell. I herewith call upon the entire body of soccer players to hand in their national color kits. Let them play in blue or something and I suggest there be no longer any so-called national teams until skilled patriotic players are identified. Don't get me started on our players asking for autographs from opposing teams before games start....don't worry, no colorful language from me! I'ma go ahead and type one now to the Sports editor. So there.

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