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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Never judge a book....

I was a firm believer in myself, that I am a very good judge of character. Well, I think once you hit 25 you realize people were just being nice to you before. Folks generally give you a 25 year grace period, then the drama starts.

I was both pleasantly surprised and sadly disappointed (LOL) lately. People I had crossed off as, well, sorry to say, losers, turned out to be human, just like everybody else. And those I had created fantastical ideas of, turned out to be human, just like everybody else.

Nothing surprising with this all though, after all, I am human too, like everybody else. I praise God for my salvation and the salvation of all those I know are saved and all those I am praying for for their salvation. Man, humanness all on our own without God leads to madness and sadness.

So, a word to the wise: "the only character you can freely practice being a judge of is yourself, man." never judge a book by the cover, unless you're the book.

Peace and Goodwill to y'all!

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