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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peace and Goodwill from M-dubs!

This time last year I was contemplating my big move from Washington to Idaho. I was really scared. Travelled by road to Boise. Made stops on the way. First one was in Seattle from Bremerton. We stopped in Microsoft Central (forgot the name of that village but man, people are living large on this Earth. no wonder they can't believe anybody can manage to live on next to nothing elsewhere) Nways, we got several movies from Blockbuster and watched them on the dashboard as we drove through the night through Oregon onto and through Idaho to Boise. Neat idea right??

We had several equivalents of Red Bull (really gives you Wiiiiiiiinngsssss!) after breakfast at 3am at Shari's Restaurant in Eugene, no, some other town. I will live to remember Mark and Marla waiting up for us all that time. They both really did stay up to wait for us until the early hours. Good times!

A year later (time really flies) I am blogging from M-dubs (the new cool name for good ol' Malawi). Where will I be next year. Only He knows. Hallelujah!

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