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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pondering on World Aids Day

World Aids Day came on Saturday. I don't own a TV, being new in the city I rely on newspapers from the office and my little radio has gone on vacation so the only way I remembered it was World Aids Day was because my web browser was red. Now when I see red and a picture of an African face on the site I get this "Oh, the spotlight is on us Africans again, Oh,no..." but I have to agree that we have the highest number and for the time being we (Africans) are the reluctant Face of Aids. My only hope is that as the numbers go down here, this ravaging disease will not simply shift continents but will go for good.

I read what a Priest said in Mozambique about AIDS, that HIV/AIDS is a weapon of destruction tailor-made to wipe out Africans and one of the ways it spreads is through the type of condoms brought in from outside Africa which is last time I checked, ALL OF THEM. But, regardless, we are the ones as Africans, that need to stand up and check where WE are going wrong. Enough said. Plus don't get me started on new articles that don't highlight locals who are doing more groundwork but highlight the roles played by that one person who is not local, hello! Whose praise is more important, the people you are caring for or the world media. As long as the people your are caring for and helping avoid HIV infection, you're headed in the right direction!! A big "thank you" to YOU from all of us you don't see. We see you. Keep on keeping on all you HIV/AIDS activistist from Cape to

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