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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week-end watching kids play ball

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching kids compete. I imagine myself as a scout looking for the next big name in basketball (or soccer etc). On Saturday I went to the ABC gym to watch 13-18 year olds play 2 on 2 basketball. The event was organized by Somebody Cares, an NGO.
I picked out my faves, Arthur the skillful lil' teen whose height may have been the only thing that kept him from the big prize and Miguel. Watching Miguel, I guess I figured out the best way one can play basketball individually or in a team of two- easy: be tall, don't be over-weight, and be in shape. OK, I'll hit the gym soon and when they organize a 2 on 2 event for us older kids, I'ma be there.

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