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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And we chose Peoples Republic of China, My rambling over the matter.....


So Malawi has decided to kick Taiwan out and bring China in. I hope this won't come back to haunt us. I mean, I'm not being superstitious but when you have an ally for more than 40 years and then "humiliate" (to quote the words of the Taiwanese embassy here) them for the sake of their rival.
Two words for us, "oh, no!" Does money have anything to do with this, search me?

Seriously though, inasmuch as I look forward to Nsanje being a city and I personally look forward to floating on the Shire one day (Mainland China is offering aid to build the Shire-Zambezi waterway that will open us up to the world)...I am a bit skeptical of strangers bearing gifts.

I'm not being sucker for aid-driven alliances, but just my 2 cents: Taiwan has over the years built among many things; the largest hospital in the North (and don't get me started on hospitals- Libya is building one in Blantyre and they were sent packing recently also so I guess it's not a pre-requisite blah...bla... blah), they've built the Chinese garden, the fertilizer making company, and for me, a personal favorite, the new parliament building under construction.

This is all on the surface ofcourse, the underlying relationship, I believe is what has counted most over the years and I believed the most important thing should have been, how can a tiny state, facing all the odds, come up on top? I think that's what Taiwan was trying to model to us, and Swaziland, etc, but I guess in World Economics, the biggest guy wins, after all, he has the most toys. Do I hate Mainland China, no, but I hate the way they put us in a corner where we had to chose either them or Taiwan. That sux for me, that we didn't do the extra-ordinary and go for the under-dog....
As a Theologian let me remind you, when rooting in a battle btwn David and Goliath, root for David...

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