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Friday, January 11, 2008

Kenyan Juju and FaceBook Blues

This entry will be short and sweet as it's a Friday and I can't be chained to the computer. Non, non, et non!! Time to relax. On Kenyan Juju - intriguing read in the Paper, " Looters in Kenya return goods en-masse after reports of deaths and disease among those keeping looted goods." Ayo, never steal from personally-owned businesses wewe, what were you thinking? tsk.... tsk....

Now I was quite disturbed to see a very undesirable pic on my facebook, now Malawians, please when you live out there don't go to extremes, pilizi chonde ndagwira mwendo zinazi ndi azungu omwe sangatumize!

Cheers! Woza Friday! Happy weekend.

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