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Monday, January 7, 2008

Life got interesting on the week-end

Now that my friend Melanie has returned to the US, and my other friend Grenna has returned to Blantyre, reality has began to kick in. I had never noticed the long hours my real housemate puts in at work. Last night she came in at 10.30 and that was early. Now I have to find ways occupy myself when I am all by my lonesome.

God wants me to be creative, i.e. a friend installed Vista Ultimate on my previously Vista Home Basic laptop but it went awol now so I couldn't watch movies or listen to music last night. My radio doesn't have a cable and I hadn't charged my batteries so I had to occupy myself by cooking. A lot of drama in that. To cut a long story short, I cooked really slowly and had dinner at 10. Fries, and stewed chicken.

Now about the week-end, life got very interesting on the weekend... while Mr. Zomba Nice Guy is chilling in Zomba, there happens to be someone just as nice over here, I'll call him Mr. Lilongwe Nice guy. He's got many things in common with his Zomba counter-part except skin-tone, the Lilongwe one is, shall I say, closer to my own skin tone. Anywho, it seems (and seems here is used to the maximum) there is a recurrent problem because in both the two men's lives is a woman who is very close friends with them. Now these women are both my friends and for some reason is seems they hoag these men even though they know /sense that I like them. What happened to kindness? Maybe it's not meant to be with either of these gentlemen because see, I never knew you had to get through bureacratic red-tape to know and spend time with someone...I wonder if any of this makes sense. It' s sad really but what don't kill you can only make you stronger.

Reminds me of a time my friend invited a guy over to her house for dinner, he showed up with a friend, a girl who was actually my friend's friend. Pity, now she had to act like she wasn't that into the guy, pity. if it was me, I would have said, "hey Mr and Miss, I only have two China dishes and since there is now three of us, we're gonna have to cancel this dinner, for life." Seriously, can you tell it sux. What if we women show up for a date with the dude's friend. I'm rambling here... I gotta move on, for real.

Nota bene. I don't their sides of the story, all four them (Mr. Zomba N.G, his friend, Mr. Lilongwe N.G., his friend) and perhaps I'd rather not.

On a positive note: I had a great time last week-end. Learned to play pool some more and went to parts of Lilongwe I haven't been to. Mr. Lilongwe N.G. was there but I had a chip on my shoulder because of the issue of his friend but sans that, we all had a great amount of fun. Did the monthly grocery shopping etc. Good times.
Now I'm riding to and from work, hey, I'll be fit. It's only a 15 min ride but some pretty good ascents both ways. L8a

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