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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OK, I think I was too harsh in my last post

Between the time i made my last entry and now...I spoke on the phone with a wiser friend from Zomba. I shared about the Mr. Zomba Nice Guy (she knows who he is) and I understand what she said. I will interpret it as: "When you don't know his side of the story, refrain from making up own conclusion." I now admit I don't know his side of the story. May I peacefully go on with my rest of the day and not wave a fist at the memory of my recent Zomba sojourn. Remember Romans 8:28!
I know I have plenty of pix I need to post. I'm working on uploading them in the near future.

Exiting things happening in Lilongwe, there is a 10-nation swimming gala at ABC Christian Academy, I hope to make an appearance before it's over tomorrow. That's some big event innit? There are auditions for a play "How to find a man" at Brother's Keeper on Saturday morning. Their last play had a good reception and I'm sure this one will be bigger. I have self-confidence but I'm not sure I'll make the cast, ANYWHOO! I'll still go for the auditions. It doesn't hurt. I loved drama in my High School days, I'd like to believe I still have the talent it took to get noticed by the French Drama organizers when our school (Mary Mount Girls) won the regionals back in '98 (boy, I'm old) forgive me for blowing my own horn but I was the lead actress! L8a and Happy New Year!

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