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Sunday, January 13, 2008

OOOOooooohhhh Nooooo!

Ok, this first part of the post is overdue, by at least two weeks but I still want to mention it for those of you who missed it. The 2007 edition of Malawi Pop Music Star, (formerly known as E-Wallet) ended on January 31. I only made it to one show but followed the proceedings in the papers and on TVM. The winner was a very deserving 24 year old Kenneth Kabwila. I was more than impressed with him and wish him all the best as he tries for Idols Africa. I was very impressed with most of the contestants, I used to believe that the only Malawians who can sing very well are those in Praise Teams and Church-related groups, bands and choirs but I realize there are a lot who can actually do well withing the country and outside.

Now to the OH, NO! part of the story. Mr. Lilongwe Nice Guy left for home , to the land of George Dubya. The blog entries on him will have to cease (sadly) otherwise it will be gossip to blog about him in his absence. Oooh noo!!

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