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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19

Ten days until the month is over and it's getting busier. My sister was supposed to move in for some months but had plans changed at the last minute. It's a bummer really because she's good at giving good insight and livening things up. Ah, well. There will be another time.

I've enjoyed February so far, I was very apprehensive about this month. But I've learned that it's Jesus who holds all things together. I was worried about the various deadlines I had to meet at the office, bills (u know after January spending) but thank God for God! I don't have much to report on now. I'm sad Steve Constantine won't be the Malawi team coach anymore, I liked his verve. I'm happy the rains are still here, we need them. I'm thankful for internet, it's a wonder. Thankful, happy, sad....hey, it's kinda cool not to have much to say innit. Next time. Oh, by the waaaay, why I had to run around the happy place floor escaping funny strangers on a Friday in Lilongwe? I mean really, can't a girl go there and just chill without being really afraid of the unknown? Guess I gotta be smarter than that. No more that place for me. Yep!

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