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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Growth Spurt

It is true what they say, "You are what You do." Getting this job, co-ordinating things has made me realize that I can't be a victim anymore. Tough situations come up and u have to think, "it's not about me anymore." So you must survive no matter what. It's tough but getting gutsy comes with the territory. I wonder if I'd have survived as a female young adult in any culture 200 years ago. I'm not into the "women's liberation" thing, I'm just a Christian, free. When you taste freedom, it's hard to imagine what life could have been like, same age, same gender, 200 years ago. It helps to know that others paid a price for life to be like this for me in this century.

I have the freedom it takes to own the responsibility to decide what I do, say, and think. Wow. Thank God

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