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Saturday, March 1, 2008


Ayeye means "big up!"
And today I say AYEYE to all the positive thinkers
AYEYE to the positive workers
Ayeye to fathers working alone in town to send money home
counting down the days to the next holiday so they can be home
Ayeye to mothers working in the corn field on their own
maybe this year there'll be enough in the barn

Ayeye to children in boarding school
half the things they see and hear, their folks will never know
Don't know if that's good or bad
maybe sad
but Ayeye for all the good

Ayeye for Pastors and praise teams
they are still there long after the pews have emptied out back into the world
of Sunday family lunches
But, Ayeye for Sunday family lunches,
they hold the family together

Ayeye for traffic officers
when it's not the last of the month
they keep me moving when the road's congested
and remind me not to do u-turns on public roads
sometimes I forget what public means
Ayeye for public
but Ayeye for private too

Ayeye one and all
positive thinkers
positive workers
Ayeye Ayeye!

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