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Friday, March 14, 2008


For everyone who didn't know this already, Zomba is now a City. That's right, from Capital City, demoted to municipality, now back to city status...since Sunday, March 9, 2008. Now Malawi has 4 cities, not bad. Granted, Zomba makes a pitiful sight to the outsider but everyone who's lived there more than 2 years can never live again permanently without it. I know a Briton, she's over 90, she had returned to England but couldn't stay...she has resettled in Zomba now.

I wonder where we'll put the skyscrapers in Zomba, it's quite hilly and so much space is already taken up by old style buildings but hey, who doesn't love a challenge. Z-town, Texas (the local name for Zomba), gotta love Zomba.

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Bennett Kankuzi said...

Mpakana ma 'robot' mu Zomba? This is very interesting! I will be visiting Zomba in two months time and I think it will be interesting.

Thanks for your blog posts and keep on blogging! Came here through Google Alert on Malawi.

Proudly Malawian and African.