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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. Zomba Nice Guy, on Jack Brendon, etc

So yesterday who do I run into, none other than the veritable Mr. Zomba Nice Guy himself. I hold on to the firm belief that what happened in 2007 in this dainty heart remains in 2007 so I didn't make a fool of myself and coerce myself to invite him for tea. You shall recall in an earlier blog that I quite fancied this individual but in the New Millenium it's never a good idea to woo a gentleman. Good-old tradition demands that men do the wooing, the life-time guarantee is certain that way.

On Jack Brendon, the author of "Mr. Burpington Presides", oh, how wonderful that he wrote his comical take on pre-colonial South-East Africa at times when the print houses allowed such material through their print houses. British governors who needed the country-side dotted with port-a-potties, "Native Affairs Officers" who knew everything, laws of equity, "tribesmen" peering at an ADC in Scottish garb supposing he's the Queen, what with that fancy kilt, and "picannins", ....
I will say though, I am glad it's in the past though, the colonial times, it's fantastical to read about it in a comedy but all too often reminders are there that all wasn't funny. Still, "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down."

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