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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Malawi O!

As I walked to work this morning a very funny memory came to me. I remember sitting in front of the computer in St. Elsewhere several years ago job hunting. I decided to look at a web page for a certain popular Non-Governmental Organization. It looked really good but they had the following applicant qualifications:
Only those from the West can apply and these countries include:(the usual were up there) plus Argentina and South Africa

I'm sure they have a reason for this, whatever it maybe, I don't particularly want to know it right now but I remember feeling sorry for myself at the time, "if only I was born a South African, I would at least be numbered among the Westerners and had a chance..." such a crazy thought looking back.

I think now, it's imperative for non-westerners and non-Argentinians and non-South Africans not to seek to be "in" but to offer the the world something fresh. We are completely different peoples and there's cause for concern when a bunch of us dump the skills, and unique opportunities, gifts and talents God gives us to want to be someone else. My reasoning is, if the West brought something new and dynamic to the rest of the world, for sure the rest of the World has something new and dynamic the West needs. So when I go West again, God-willing, I would love to be where I will be wanted as a Malawian, for the specific life resume that I have. Wher I can be a positive difference and not a wanna-be, (coz I suck at imitation , everyone does).

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