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Monday, May 12, 2008

"How to Get a Man"'s a play dangnabbit!!!

So this week-end there will be a play running of such a title: "How to Get a Man". It comes from My BrothersKeeper School of Dance and Movement (I hope I got the name right) a ministry of MissionAfrica ('hope I got that right too, lol). Check them out at:

Anyways, My BrothersKeeper has been around in Lilongwe for a bit more than a couple years and this is their second play. The first one was called "Justice" if I had seen it instead of brooding at home over how expensive it was, I would have discussed the social aspects it tackled but I'll have to be content to watch this second play and share my thoughts next week. I am intrigued by My BrothersKeeper because it's not so often that you get Africans and African-Americans working together on projects such as these here (as far as I know). I'll be interested to see this play and observe the inner-workings.....

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