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Thursday, May 1, 2008

My new basketball shorts

I'm saying, what is it about something new, in this particular case Nike shorts that makes me feel all brand new. It's Labor Day and I had this craving, not for food but for basketball shorts. Now the last time I remember shopping for sports clothes in Lilongwe was where the widest selection is, the Flea Market.

So I got into a taxi and headed to Bwalo la Njobvu (Elephant Court, I wonder why it's called that). I spent some minutes looking for the Flea Market AKA Bend Down Boutique AKA Sunshine Boutique to no avail. See it's been about 3 years and I realized I hadn't been that end of town for clothes, street vendors and open air vendors were removed from the streets in '06 so there was none in sight. So I went into the covered market, plenty of clothes but I think that's the classier and pricier section. End point, I don't know where the current Sunshine Boutique is but I still got me some shorts. Paid an arm and a leg for them but you can't stop a woman's craving. I console myself with the fact that it's like I got two for the price of one, it's those nice ones which you can wear inside out and outside in.
Big up to Flea Markets, now tell me where you moved all those people who sold J.B. Futhi?

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