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Monday, June 2, 2008

Malawi win 8-1 in Soccer (Yay!) and Basketball events over the week-end...

First off, good to see the Central Zone Basketball back in business. The seeding took place over the week-end; games were played simultaneously at Silver Stadium and Community Center. Yours trully was the time-keeper for some of the games played. That was a great honor not taken for granted, thank you much Cezobal. I don't know if the results are out yet. The giant teams right now reside in Blantyre but I think with co-operation and more co-operation Lilongwe teams can do well at the national level.

As for Soccer, Congratulations Malawi and new coach Kinnah Phiri for the sound win of Djibouti. Malawi's Flames and Djibouti's Shoremen of the Red Sea played in Blantyre and the result: 8-1. Believe that!

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