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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Malawian Immigration Fees, to like them or not to like them, that's the question

Just fyi if you're planning on coming to the land of the Red, Green, and, Black. Ahem, you know we defeated the reigning African Football champions, Egypt, last weekend, right? It's the place to be. At least this is more comprehensive than the immigration jargon in some countries I know (lol) and at least here you don't need to make a lawyer rich( I still don't get all that lawyer stuff) to get the papers you need. I mean, man, why complicate what don't need complication. Y'as heard?

The home affairs office will now be charging a visa for Malawi in United States dollars, and the new requirement is that one has to obtain them from their home country or at a nearest Malawi mission from their home country.A transit visa is at US$50 (K7,000), up from K2,200. At a Malawi mission, the visa would attract US$70 (K9,800).A single entry visa is at US$70, up from K3,000.A multiple entry visa for six months is at US$150 (K10,500), up from K4,500. A multiple visa for one year is at US$250, up from K5,500.A permanent residence permit (PRP) in case of a wife of a Malawian national is K30,000, up from K5,000. PRP in all other cases is at K300,000, up from K80,000. (perhaps we need more foreign wives up in here, lol, lucky you , Malawian men, lol)

Government has split Temporary Employment Permit (TEP) into three categories. A TEP for NGOs is at K60,000, for religious organisations is at K30,000 while a normal TEP is at K100,000 up from K60,000. A TEP caters for two years, but if one wants to extend it for a year, he or she has to pay half of the fees for a particular category, including a processing fee of K10,000.A Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) for six months has been increased from K5,000 to K30,000, a Business Residence Permit (BRP) has been increased from K50,000 to K500,000, a 1000 percent increase.Extension of a visit to Malawi would no longer be free after the expiry of an initial 30 days. A visitor would be charged K5,000.

Citizenship fees in all other cases, except for wives of Malawian nationals is now at K500,000, up from K100,000. However, the Malawi citizenship is now at K30,000 in case of wives for Malawian citizens, an increase of 757 percent from K3,500. A foreigner qualifies for citizenship if he or she has stayed in Malawi for at least five years for a Commonwealth national or seven years for a non-Commonwealth national.The citizenship status is not automatic and an applicant’s name goes through normal procedures up to Minister of Home Affairs who approves them.In case of minors for parents who attained citizenship, the fee is K200,000. Restoration of Malawi citizenship is at K200,000 up from K100,000, renunciation of Malawi citizenship is at K10,000, up from K1,000.However, in all other cases, a citizenship would now cost K500,000, that is for applicants like holders of the business residence permit or permanent residence permits.

Source, The Daily Times.

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Alberto L. Beretta said...

Well, it now seems Italy: you've to go almost broke either right on putting your feet on the 'sacred' ground or to set up a business.
I think that it's a wrong politics. Good, fair playing, creative foreigners, investors, should be enticed, not discouraged and charged with so much money to pay in advance, because just with paying for their living and maybe local or national taxes the would be a resource. Isn't it?
In this way I think that only really big and maybe bad foreigners and investors would be advantaged.
By the way, your national team, the Flames, was really great.
My, the Italian 'Azzurri', the world champion team in charge, poorly failed yesterday against the Spanish team.
We don't have real shooters, 'goleadors'.