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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Politix of "Savez-Vous"

Now that cellphone tariffs have been raised so that, as was stated, that "Malawians now should plan talk-time on the phone wisely" -a plastic pox on the one with the big idea. I'm beginning to question the studied person, should communication cost us even more, didn't I hear that we, as a country, are already rather behind?

What do I know? i should confess, I used to look forward to 9 pm in the land of the West, then at 9 pm sharp I could clip that ear-piece to my ear and talk endlessly on the phone, don't even ask about the week-ends. Free calls!! I once pulled a 5 hour phone call -free of charge, thank you very much. I was looking forward to that happening here, you never know, it's good to keep hope alive, it just might happen, first though, ahem, as was said, I need to learn to plan my talk-time on the phone wisely. WHATEVER!
Bring the tariffs back down!!!!!

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