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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Frozen Brain Thawed

I don’t know if it is just me but I feel that every year winter in Malawi gets colder and colder. I remember waking up fine in June or July several years ago but now I wake up with a headache and I can’t do with my flannels anymore. Last night I went to bed with a fleece jumper on. I tell you, soon we’ll need to stop building our houses with brick because we’ll need insulation!! I once joked about “Global Cooling” the other party took it as an opportunity to lecture me on the non-existence of such a thing: “You see Thandi, things need to “warm up” before they can actually “cool down” . Hence the term Global Warming, you see what is happening is…….” La da da, da da! Whatever.

So as things cool, (or warm up first and then cool) my brain found itself in a jam. The usual man issues. I took 2 tests, the problem is I took one in, like, April or thereabouts and the other only recently. So the first one was on what type of people I am attracted to. Result : Super-Hero Macho types.

And then recently I took one on the type of people that are attracted to me. Result: Geeks

I had my “aha” moment. A plethora of questions were answered in an instant. What do I do now? I wish my mother knew this and included this all in the “welcome to adolescence” speech she gave me years ago. I think I would have found a way to at least understand my quandary. I have nothing against geeks because I am one myself but hey, opposites do attract. So my big question is, where is that my opposite who will come knocking at my door? So help me God :-) …
PS thanks to the ones who hooked me up with these tests, ur help is much appreciated. Thanks for seeing my need….lol….rotfl….yearp!

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