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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Goodby to Dancing

I've enjoyed boogeying quite a lot this past year. I've had so much energy (a little bit of stress here and there) pent up during work weeks that it's been a joy to go out there on the weekends and just get down to boogey and refresh. Problem is, a lot of people don't see why a Christian should be out there boogeying in the midst of all that chaos (if you've been in some of those places you know what I mean). Paul in the Bible said, "all things are permissible to me" as he understood what he was doing but went on to say that he would not allow himself to be a stumbling block. Neither do I, if people are going to put question marks on this boogierthat will lead to matters of faith, well, I'm fixin' to... matter of fact, I've already fixed to be an ex-boogier. So, goodby "Place of Lighted Stars" and "House of Nt.." I'll miss boogeying but I won't miss being a stumbling long loud music and light....alas......

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