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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On the Porn Scandal

So now that prominent members of society have been exposed in this porn scandal, we're all pointing a finger at them. True it's bad what they were up to but the "computer fixing wizard" that uploaded the dirty pix file online is also bad. What happened to clients' rights to confidentiality. And the vendors selling the smut for MK600 are bad too. and so are the folks forwarding the pix as attachments. What happened to helping people see the light, things like counseling etc. ..we replaced that for public humiliation, shame on us. It's so sad that we can laugh at others when noone knows what we do in private. Remember what Jesus said, "He who has no sin cast the first stone...."


George Ng'ambi said...

Thandi, the porn scandal is complex. I agree with you on many fronts especially on clients' rights on confidentiality. However, as might be aware, rights have responsibilities as well. Am not sure if Nkungula took the laptop to the IT Centre as a representative of Malswitch or in his own capacity. If the former is the case,I dont think Nkungula is a client of IT Centre and therefore no breach of confidentiality claim can be entertained by the courts.Secondly, whilst I do not condone the IT guy's conduct by distributing the material, I feel it will act as a deterrent to the many Nkungulas that threaten many marriages in Malawi.

I would entertain the right to privacy of Nkungula. But even this fails the strict test as this fellow did not store pictures of himself and his wife. He kept over 500 pictures of naked women on the laptop. Sadly, one of these women happens to be a wife of a high profile attorney in our land.

Laws or indeed rights, should not promote immorality. As a lady, am sure you would hate your husband to parade himself in the nude with all different women just as Nkungula did just as I would hate my wife to fraunt private parts just as Mrs Msiska did unashamedly.

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