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Thursday, August 21, 2008

For Yanjanani Chingota

I have never met Yanjanani Chingota, and sadly, I will never meet him. I am friends with his brother, I go to Church with his sister, I used to go to Church with his other brother. And, I share an Uncle with him, don't ask me how. Yanjanani was found dead on Sunday morning by members of his family as they returned home from Church, he was young, he was alone, he was murdered, they found him near a bridge. I sometimes get carried away in thinking that people are basically good, even though I know that this is as far from the truth as we can ever get. Read the Book of Romans, especially Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23. How people can live with themselves after murdering someone and dumping him in a dirty stream I will never understand.

It only reminds me of the reality of evil...and good, as I saw the women toiling, getting things ready for the funeral, the men, condoling his father, the preachers, preaching messages of salvation and men and women singing, consoling, praying, helping, feeding one another, caring...for four days, as they waited for his mother to arrive from a trip abroad. Thank You God that in the midst of turmoil, Your Son does shine. May your Name be blessed forever and may incidences such as this end. Yanjanani, I never met you but will hold your memory dear. Rest in Peace.

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YFGH..your friend ginny hammond said...

We are always left in times like this, totally in the hands of God...wondering why I don't walk in that sonlight everyday