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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympics and Chinese construction workers in Malawi

I was an ardent supporter of parents who are believers in the "no TV running your life" philosophy. Well, now that the Olympic Games are here, I'm getting quite jealous of those who are getting to see all the action. I got a text from Wyoming at 4am telling me my fellow Malawians were on TV. I wasn't upset at the timing of the text, I was upset that I don't have a TV running my life. Fancy all those hours spent productively watching Beijing, sports, Beijing, sports, Beijing.....

On another note, I was quite surprised to see a truck ferrying Chinese construction workers in Lilongwe. I've heard about Chinese construction workers elsewhere in Africa but to me this was a surprising sight all the same. Am I being idealistic in hoping that they will teach us their unique skills in building and pass the construction mantle back soon after? Abeg

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