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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rwanda Accuses France over 1994 Genocide

I remember clearly the night my then-housemates went to watch Hotel Rwanda in Cherry Hill, NJ. At the time, I didn’t know what the movie was about. I didn’t want to know, I figured it was probably some depiction of the stereotypical African: speaking in a “click-click” language, scratching butts and living in abject poverty. I was wrong, one housemate returned from the movie and collapsed on my bed, bawling, “How could we let that happen?”

I have since watched “Sometimes in April” and developed my own observations since that night back then. Today, as a report comes out from Rwanda, a report that points an accusing finger at France;

“The French support was of a political, military, diplomatic, and logistic nature. Considering the gravity of the alleged facts, the Rwandan government asks competent authorities to undertake all necessary actions to bring the accused French political and military leaders to answer for their action before justice.” Reads the report in part. (Report is from an independent Rwandan commission that was set up to investigated France’s role in the bloodshed) credits: Reuters/Malawi Nation News.

I echo my housemate’s words, “How could Africa and the world let France do that?” Do we even care to know the truth behind the accusation? Things are not as simplistic as presented in Hotel Rwanda. Now our eyes begin to open more and we ask more and more questions with the hope that the answers will guarantee that such genocides will not be repeated elsewhere. It’s a frightening process when you realize that the story is not just, Hutu hates Tutsi, then Hutu decides to wipe out Tutsi, Tutsi tries to defend himself, 800,000 people die and many more are displaced.

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