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Monday, September 22, 2008

Anonymous Response to VRPRA's Entry

Dear Thandi,
Actually, I don't agree with you. Your VRPRAs are basically friends. We all have friends for a reason.
One of those reasons is to give us advice. When you're in a relationship or like a guy its hard to see
the forest through the trees. Our judgement gets clouded by our emotions and logic goes out the window.
Like you once said yourself, no matter how many degrees one has hormones are not logical. When we're
dealing with men, we're dealing with hormones not logic. At such times we need our
friends who don't have the problem of dealing with hormones when it comes to that guy to give us advice.
Everyone woman needs a true friend who can give her proper advice and help her take the blinders off. Even
the most wise woman wears blinders when it comes to a man she likes. The problem is that we sometimes go
shopping for friends who will tell us what we want to hear and not what we know we should hear. We search for
friends who will help suppress the voice of reason, instead of those who will help bring it out.
Yes, God's will is what matters and we need to hear His word. But how many times in the Bible did God speak through people?
That's what our friends are there for and if we're truly honest we can all identify the one friend who can speak the
word of God into our lives concerning our relationships. The problem is that is usually that's the friend we avoid. Personally
I'm all for friendly advice and I'll enhance that through prayer. I'm not going to seek out the reason suppressors. I'm going to
seek out Godly friends. Most importantly, I'm not going to go through life pretending I know it all and don't need my girls.
True girlfriends are the ones who identify the loosers as well as the keepers. True girlfriends will tell you to your
face that there is no such thing as a perfect man, but the one you have is sure close to perfect for you.

Yours Truly,

Miss Anonymous

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acacia said...

I agree with thandi that friends sometimes add unnecessary hype and sometimes encourage habits of over-analysis. of course God speaks through people and we all want honest friends who can be objective and look out for us. women can be hormonal (emotional) at times, but I do think we still have the ability to be logical and weigh up the truth of a situation. however when we’re looking for truth and understanding, we got to remember to ‘lean not on our own understanding’. too often women try very hard to make a relationship work, the man ends up taking a back seat and then quietly fades out of the picture. I think we need to listen to God, and our friends and then chill and let the man put in some effort!