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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of Zain and TNM

I got wise and got a TNM card. Got so excited when they introduced the free calls after 11 PM and then got excited again when my usual cell line, Zain, changed the easy talk time from 6pm to 6am to from 9pm to 9am. Who doesn't want to use their bonus airtime in the morning on their way to work. Smart.
A few days ago, TNM gave us the free texting time from 12pm to 10 PM, just for that day. So I crossed the floor again to TNM, just for that day. I usually keep my TNM card on standby for such exciting times, so Zain, you know I'm ur girl. Wow, am I beginning to love capitalism? Can't help but enjoy watching these cellular networks try to outdo each other, now MTL has come up with a cell phone, so now you can walk around with your land line, shah! it'll only get better...

pix: Zain and Old School TNM (no copyright granted to me, don't arrest me-O)

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