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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Volunteer Relationship Psychologists and Relationship Analysts

Disclaimer: This is not targeted at any of my friends, it’s an inspiration I got over time going through different encounters with various friends, not one particular one. Some of them my own personal issues. It’s meant it inspire into action not to belittle anyone or anything else negative. If anyone is offended of my friends, all I can say is GIRL YOU GOT ISSUES!! GET OVER YOURSELF HA HA HA!!

Every once in a while a young lady wants to get married. To get there one needs to have a man in her life that she knows will propose and she’ll be more than happy to say yes. Now the potent combination that Q presented in one of his poems at Umunthu comes into effect to derail some women, i.e. upbringing, Hollywood, and lust. I’ll add one more, the plethora of , I’ll call them , “Volunteer Relationship Psychologists and Relationship Analysts” AKA VRPRA’s. I will make my own confession. I have been a VRPRA myself and I have sought the counsel of sundry VRPRA. Generally VRPRA’s don’t sign up to be VRPRA’s it’s just one of those things that come with the territory. I have grown very weary of it all that now I have retired, happily. Girl, if you got a problem with your man, maybe try pointing the finger at yourself, if you are blameless, ask him, if he’s blameless, ask God for wisdom. Tell you what, if a marriage is between 3, that is God, man , and woman, then let the three sort it out. Same goes for a good and healthy boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Why am I rambling over this? In all these years I’ve been your regular approval seeker when it comes to relationships, approval seekers are almost always VRPRA’s and they tend to congregate with VRPRA’s and here has been the common scenario: Guy likes you, you like guy. You appoint yourself VRPRA. You psycho-analyze the dude. You seek out VRPRA’s amongst your friends. They psycho-analyze the dude. You ALL psycho-analyze. You psycho-analyze some more. You find the flaws you’re hunting for. THEN panic with the “he’s so great but he’s not all of these things we want (how did the “we” get in it anyway?) .” You start to dislike the guy. You lose the guy. You feel miserable. Well, it’s time to get over it if we do profess to be a Christian women in the waiting. God is the first counsel, what does His Word say, it’s where we find HIS wisdom, free of charge. In His wisdom if He should send His daughters who are praying for a godly husband genuine VRPRA’s then may it be so. But no more seeking them out.

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acacia said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG... not enough women bloggers in malawi! yeah I heard Q at umunthu, i can listen to his love poems but prefer his political ones. thandi this post hits a raw nerve with me, too many of my us girls are putting in hard work and still feeling unwanted. recently i have been considering 'retiring happily', I know exactly what you mean… just letting things go and trusting... but the problem is a husband won't show up on my doorstep. so whats a godly and wise balance? its not easy. I wrote about this on my blog its just a few ideas, do you agree??