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Thursday, October 23, 2008

University of Malawi Quota System

I used to hear when I was a child that the quota system was introduced in the University of Malawi student selection and Kamuzu Academy student selection to limit the number on Northerners entering into those institutions. I was doubtful then, thinking everybody thought Northerners didn't deserve to be treated so.

Forward to 2008, suggestions are put forward that the quota system at UNIMA be re-introduced. The suggestions were put into effect and in today's paper I read that 2 senior staff members went to court and got a court injunction to stop this quota system. I thought, well, they sound like learned men, they are probably doing it for some good reason. Then I read their names, and their lawyer's name.... Northerners!

What do you know? It looks like they probably know what I knew as a kid. Hail Entering institutions on MERIT and down with the quota system!! Let all be free to enter!


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