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Monday, October 13, 2008

What the Malawi National Football team's victory means and BSU Bronco's win AGAIN!!

In other happy news: Boise State Bronco's won (never forget I may be African but I'm still a BUCKAROO!)


Now interesting fact for those that love collecting facts, BSU has the only blue turf in the US and indeed the world over. We got some green turf over in Blantyre here in Malawi where we won the crucial soccer game but alas! I suppose the whole world has green... (I still love it, Go Blantyre). Broncos beat Southern Mississippi 24-7. They're ranked No. 15 in polls for the nation (USA)Broncos have played 5 games. 7 more to go. Go Broncos!

Back to Malawi, thanks to Frederick Bvalani, the Buckaroo stands corrected. Here is the correct info on what the Flames' victory means:

frederick bvalani said...
Thandi, Malawi hasn't yet qualified. It is just one of the 20 teams that have progressed to the next stage.

The 20 teams will be grouped in groups of 4 teams each. The group winners will qualify for the World Cup and the top 3 teams will qualify for Africa Cup of Nations. One team in each group will go home.

The draw for the groups will take place on Oct 22. The games will be played next year.

Sources: Melomaxy, pix:<

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