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Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun at Kumbali Cultural Village

My only other visit to Kumbali was in the company of tourists and was very short but last night was super fun. I got the opportunity to rub shoulders with corporate Malawi and can I tell you, it's been years since I ate dinner served in cauldrons under the skies. The last time I did that I was 11, at Mafutseni ranch just outside of Manzini, Swaziland.

I have treasured that memory for so long and last night was so fab I feel like deleting that memory. I won't. It's good to experience the simple things of our African life amidst good and educative conversation. It was an IT conference and I hopped on with friends in the IT world. Didn't know much so I kept munching while everyone talked about cantennas and open access, etc.

What was in the cauldrons? ah, don't remind me...atcharred beef stew(I love Atchar, gots to get me some in Zomba, Atchar capital), stewed cabbage, beans, greens, steamed rice....aaaaahhh! you get the idea.

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