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Thursday, November 6, 2008

OBAMA and MANDELA rock my world

The Buckaroo has been away from the computer (and the mobile fone screen is too small to fit all my thoughts on) but I got this email from a dear friend in the US! Thought I would share it with you.

Can you say OBAMA???!!!!!!!!! Thandi...last night as we sat in the family room (that you know so well) I kept thinking of YOU! I remembered you reading Obama's book [Dreams from my Father] almost two years ago now...and the conversations we had. It felt like a dream back then...and it is now a REALITY! I wish you could have been here with us...glued to the TV....hanging on every word last night! Dad and I ran out into the street banging pots and pans screaming OBAMA!!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA....HE DID IT.....WE DID IT!!!!!! I know you would have been right there by my side banging and screaming in the Hickories;)! I can't stop smiling today....know I rejoice with you and all those throughout this world who this is a VICTORY for!

Obama reminds me of Nelson Mandela in that he’s the first Black man to be President in a country that had all White Presidents. Nelson did us proud, I was living in Swaziland and was able to witness the transition from close-range. I was 11, I was infinitely proud.

Now I’m in my late 20’s and having read most of Barack’s “Dreams of my Father” I am proud again to see another Black FIRST.

I’m not vain enough to think this is monumental for Blacks only. Here is what the rest of my friend’s email had to say,

PS-Grandma and Grandpa proudly voted for OBAMA yesterday! I think they were the only two over 70, white southern voters (ha!) I am so thankful for their hearts! My grandpa and grandma were screaming for joy last night and stayed up so late celebrating in Arkansas! They kept saying how thankful they were to live to see this day! I thought you would enjoy hearing that about Grandpa and Grandma

U BETCHA, I am enjoying hearing that!! and Obama, JAPAN, you guys ROCK!!

End note: Big up to Afrigator (afrigreator ha! ha! u know what I'm up to. You guys me likey. Watch this space..


Thandi Soko said...

and another email from another friend, a UK-based friend this time.

"Good morning all,

I don't know about you, but over here we are all celebrating Obama's victory. I must admit I didn't buy
into all this Obama craze until this morning when I was awoken by my t.v alarm and the BBC informed me that
Obama was the 44th president of the United States. It occurred to me that I didn't buy into it because I never
expected it to happen. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be around to witness
America elect a black man into the white house. Its momentous.

This is not just a victory for Obama, or fall all African Americans. It is not even just a victory for all black people
around the world. It is a victory for all humankind. Its a victory against racism and bigotry. It is proof that there is
hope for this world.

So whether you're democrat or republican or, if like me, you couldn't really care less about American
politics, today - for this one day only - you have a duty to stand up and pay attention to the American elections
and celebrate!


Lukes "

Frederick André said...

Hi Thandi, what are your thoughts now on the first Black US president after his two terms?