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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Obama mania continues...

got this funny email today, thought I'd share part of it with you!

..."So back to the ice-skating. Its an hour session. About 50 minutes into the skating all 5 black people from our group coincidentally meet at one end of the rink and Sim points out that the only black people on the entire rink are from our group. Someone mentions Obama and we decide we need to go round the rink one last time for Obama. At this point I had not even fallen once and I was getting a bit arrogant. As I skate I shout, 'yes we can!' The moment I finish those words I fall flat on my back. Sonia sees me fall, opens her mouth to laugh and falls flat on her back. So there we are, two black women lying flat on our backs with arms spread out on an ice-skating rink. Pride definitely comes before the fall."

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