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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Throwing all Caution to the Wind

For once the Buckaroo will do what doesn't come naturally with so much ease.

Today I went to a funeral. A dear friend of mine lost his father. As I looked at the casket I thought to myself, "He's gone, forever, that's it." Looking around at his family and the people gathered there it was very clear that he had achieved much before he died.

The Buckaroo then thought to herself, have I accomplished what at my age I should have? This is a new year and I'm setting about to live this year, I mean really LIVE. Of course God is still in control and He won't ever retire or need any advice from me (I do have some tips from time to time though and He throws them all out
:-(, tsk, tsk, tsk). I have learned that I need to do what He gives me to do and not shy away. And one of those things is being REAL to His glory.

For starters I will declare that I have ditched the oh so "careful" life of 2008 and before. I will now tell it like it is, both to myself and to the next person. Some of the things I'm setting out to do (and doing some right now) I will share on here. As I read at Cole Valley so do I want my tombstone to read:

Here lies the Buckaroo
She aspired to inspire
So she inspired until
she expired

And more stuff ofcourse, my quote of the year:

"Don't refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase. That's what wild geese are for." Anon.