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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mmm mmm good (oops sorry Campbell soup didn't mean to steal ur creativity....

....but don't this look mmm mmm good? Well I couldn't make this picture much bigger without distorting it but I suppose that clicking on it opens it up to a larger view. I'm sold out for 3 of the dishes the fourth, i'm still a bit iffy about. Clockwise from top right: nsima, kapenta stew(the dish i'm a bit iffy about), cabbage, and masamba otendera.

Nsima: Nsima is purely maize meal and water, simmered and cooked to the right consistency. Some hate it, some of it love it for the fact that it has no taste of its own so u can eat it with pretty much anything and be full, hits the spot!

Kapenta stew: tiny fish, must be about 2" at their full-grown length. The little beady eyes freak me out. When I MUST eat them, I avoid the head (OK, that's more detail than anyone needed).

Cabbage: fried in onions, tomato and seasoning, ahh, yum. Buckaroo style? cabbage stew, bean stew and nsima, now THAT hits the spot!

Masamba otendera: Garden leafy green veggies, slightly boiled, then fried with onions, tomato and ground peanut sause. I wonder what genius invented this...:-)

pic: Kwathu Family Resort, Nkhata Bay, Malawi. (Visit them @:


Kwathu Family Resort said...

Hey Buckaroo, hope all is well in Malawi. Thank you for checking out and for the shout out on your blog.

Could i ask you to correct the link to our site to as will send prospective viewers to wrong site.

Thank you:)

Thandi Soko said...

Ta for the link info, I have updated it. Not in Mw at the moment but hear all is well in the Warm heart of Africa!