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Saturday, May 16, 2009

'Dead Aid' & African Development

A friend of mine wrote this response on the discussion Dambisa Moyo has brought to the table: Here are the youtube links in case you haven't caught on:

Here is the response....

'Aaaah I am so glad there is no controversy there! that is a very good sign. Even Dambisa herself says that most of the people who vehemently oppose her views are not Africans. Already my vision of the 'globe' is being shaped by my current location. Yikes!!! In my class at the Institute, they are avoiding to discuss this book like crazy. Most of development practitioners, and the so called diplomats, heavily depend on the perpetuation of the Aid model to keep their jobs. The international development sector is a booming industry for hundreds of thousands of a[Western} 'development experts so they call themselves' who have made sure they the western countries, IMF and the World Bank continue to give loans and aid to Africa so they ensure that they Africa remains dependent and they continue to trot all over Africa like they own it. Our own political leaders mean nothing to them, because practically the donors are the bosses. Their campaign for democracy in Africa is at best an oxymoron.

It's so funny how Dambisa says, if Bono is the face of Africa then why do we even bother to vote for our leaders? Would Americans allow a foreign celebrity to represent them to the world? What's Obama paid to do? They may have the best intentions, but not the right actions. They should never replace our leadership. Our elected leaders are bullied around and not held responsible for provision of basic governance because their power is polarized by the alternative hand - the Aid hand. Aid feeds corruption (the tidye nawo za azungu mentality). AID is a cancer to Africa. but please note that this refers mainly to development aid, and not necessarily humanitarian aid (which is also ridden with issues in itself). those of you who have not heard her, please try to do so soon. Her book, 'Dead Aid' is a must have.'

I hope you all have a great weekend. I encourage you to share your opinions so we have a balanced perspective in this matter.'

Hallelujah, thanks bud! let's keep our eyes open and not blinded.....

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