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Friday, May 8, 2009

More Malawi Talent: MajBeatz.

Okay, I stil contend I'm not biased towards male Mdubs achievers. kungoti you girls are keeping your stats locked down. Anywho, I've heard of MajBeatz before but reading about him today in the Daily Times makes me realise the guy means business.Makes me a little jealous of his focus, drive and ambition, I'll admit, we's almost age-mates... the dude owns his own stuff, runs his own stuff....eish....Malawi/Columbus Ohio Yeeahurpp!!

'His rĂ©sume tells a bigger story ... “I am a producer, song writer, engineer, mentor, music consultant, artist developer, graphic designer and a musician” says the managing director of Maj Beatz Production which he founded in June 1999.' -Daily Times Malawi-

check out:, he's got some of his music productions on there.

pix: majbeatz sites

Remember: DON'T HATE, APPRECIATE! yoh...
next up on the Mdubs talent roster; either Kimba Mutanda or... nah that's a dude. I'ma go ahead and do an expose on fresh FEMALE talent,hold your breath.

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