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Monday, June 15, 2009

21 year old Malawian FEMALE Wonders: Part 1

As promised; I have finally sat down to blog about female Malawians who are blazing a trail for the younger generation to follow. A good place to start is 21 year olds, they are the unsung hero's after all; they do all the donkey work and make us grown folks look good. Tru.

Natasha Taumbe

Age: 21

Current Area of Occupation: Health

Location: Central Malawi

Training: Malawi, Germany

Work Assignments thus far: Malawi, Germany, South Africa

Has her own blog: You betcha:

Challenging Role: Natasha's work involves integrating traditional healers into Malawi's health care system by facilitating support, training and other things my brain is too small to comprehend so that their work complements that of the government in regards to health. I have my own personal bones to pick with traditional healers (pun intended); So Natasha, whatchu gon' do about my issues with them folks?

Milestones: Among other things: participated in the translation of those HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention booklet series; now don't get me started but the alternative to promiscuity therein is effective but highly controversial, wouldn't you say?

Final Word: Ah, Natasha, Thank you for offering up the challenges strategy-wise that face the Malawian in the 21 Century! Now it's up to us theologians to come up with theologies concerning those topics eh?

pic:, bust of african woman: 1851 Charles-Henri-Joseph-Cordier

1 comment:

Atutash said...

Hey Buckaroo

First lemme say how honored I am that you took the time to blog about moi. Love ya to bits.

I am surprised to read that you remember about my work with the traditional Healers. I know how you feel about it love, but we cant deny the fact that more than 50% of Malawians go to traditional healers before they go to the learned folks. So we gotta do our best to equip them with all the necessary knowledge and equipment to make their work easier and safer for the Malawian...So far we have given them bicycle ambulances to encourage them to refer complicated cases to the Hospitals and we are also giving them Infection prevention materials like Gloves, Aprons etc to minimize cases of infection. And the best part is that the traditional healer with the most referrals to Hospitals actually gets rewarded. So you see, we are winning both ways. FYI there is absolutely no bewitching involved :-). we are dealing with diseases like Malaria, Flu etc.

About the HIV Booklets, I think I will furnish you with some of them so that the Buckaroo readers can get a glimpse of what we at GTZ are doing for the youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Another thing that would interest you is that in the past we have made attempts to fund young artist who are interested in putting the HIV/AIDS message across to their peers. But as that was not very well publicized, most artist that came to us did not meet the standards.

Keep Rockin Buckaroo, Hope to work with you in your development work in the near future.