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Monday, June 29, 2009

America's loss

PIcture above: Kaka of Brazil after match. 28 June 2009. US 2-3 Brazil

Don't get me wrong,there are many things that I value in the American people, I have friends and family that are colored Red-White-and-Blue. But hey, America winning a soccer cup in 2009, nah, that would have been going too far. I think our fellow planet-people over in the USA have a certain little complex that won't be helped by winning yet another trophy, especially soccer or shall we call it by its proper name, Football.

Just to add, the images I have in my mind of little children playing in mixed-sex teams over in US doesn't seem to match up to the dedication you see in the so-called developing world to the game. I like mixed-sex teams, I actually like playing in soccer and basketball games with both men and women participating but my memories of watching those particular kids were of the 'oh-what-fun-this-little-game-is'. That is why I'll say my congratulations to Brazil.

Like the rest of the confed teams they grow up dreaming of playing on the world stage and it would kinda hurt to see a country which values other sports more as 'real' sports eg. American football and baseball actually winning. Matter of fact I don't even think that many Americans knew there was a confed tournament going on in South Africa. During the world cup, I had to walk like 30 minutes in Washington State to get to a house where I knew people were watching the finals- Italy vs France (remember the head butt),

so yeah, US winning, nah, not to hate but eh, it just don't look right.

... and for that fervent prayer after the victory,one word only fits: Wow!

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