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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Battle of Empires Past: Egypt 1-0 Italy

Ok, Tawaret was actually female but hey, it ties in with the Asterix strip question next to it. Oh, the work of empires....How fascinating to watch (last night) Egypt battle it out with Italy in the Confederations Cup. Descendants of the Egyptian Empire and the Roman Empire. 'Ceasar's men' and 'Pharaoh's men' in 21st Century grand battle of FOOTBALL. Ah, and it was indeed a battle of sheer strength of mind. They seemed evenly matched in as far as physical strength. At the end of the day Pharaoh's men won it.

Oi! can you see the pyramids from the Appian Way? No? Hike up that toga praetexta and climb up the stairs outside the temple. you see them. Mmmm, I'm being a meanie now! LOL.....For the Luv of the game!

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