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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ooooh! I want a Malawian Child too!!!

They don't know you
but they'd like to have you
they think of all the wonderful things they will teach you
they have no idea what you already know
the meaning of "Siku sinja ndi Gwenembe"
and the morals behind"Kam'dothi"

they want to take you to their land
and show you the wonders
they have no idea that your eyes
have already seen
the miracle of mbewa ya pa chulu
ikunena mawu, "muzindi khapa bwino, mudzandidula mutu ye!"
or better yet, Bangwe on Market day, people, sounds, smells,
such simple wonders, so profound

Je connais que...
they can't wait for you to hear the sounds
of the West
It's funny how they think wealth means joy
toys, car horns, wii,
sounds, sounds, sounds
they don't know
you don't know a word in your language for depression
that you've never heard of a psychiatrist in your land
Free, Mahala
you laugh at Makiyolobasi's jokes for free
you dance to Music splash for free
ah money, what joy did it ever bring one?

Je pense que..
they cant wait to see what a little Malawian brain can accomplish
with the best education the West has to offer
no one told them oral history does require IQ too, anyone can write...
but to retrace generations and past movements?
all those names of generations after generations of your ancestors you know by heart
where your Bantu people came from,
where they parted
Who they are
the Mang'anja, the Xhosa, the Ngoni, the Chewa, the Sena, the Lambya

they'll never really know you
how you pray
what you dream in the night
your true gifts, innate in a Bantu child
they'll never really hear you
your thoughs articulated in your mother toungue

You're either 'beautiful'
now I see your hair isn't combed right with a pick but you say that's OK
because they said so
you're legs are ashy because there's no vaseline
in your suburb
you say you're fine
they said the moisturiser is just fine for you
and you don't sound right singing from so high a music note
and you say, "this is real music, my teacher said so."
You want say.
you've been taught to say
"Grass is greener over here
leave me here....Ma, Pa, don't listen to those know-it-all's, they don't know what they're talking about, they don't know my problems."

How did they explain to you that they know your problems?
Je ne sais pas....mais,Je pense que...toi aussi, tu ne sais pas

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