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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Caster Semenya and her running shoes

Being fast requires a number of things. Heck! when I was little and played soccer i used to dream of being muscular like the soccer stars in the comic books. Why? I knew that way I could do everything faster, the dribbling, the scoring, you know. now here is Caster, she probably had the same motivations, to run faster you have to gym I suppose. I've been silently cringing at the sight of joggers eduzane; why, their body mass is wasting away because all they do is run, no further exercise, the poor things look like skeletons.

Anyway, Caster seems to have done what I didn't. i became an indoor-sy person and she became a running machine, the formula (gyming) seems to have worked (hush all you suggesting all kinds of other things, far be-it that the 18 year old cheated....:-(

Now, whether it's a medical condition as some have termed it, I do not know; or whether it is an unhealthy body altering non-reversible experiment....i surely hope not, AH Weh Mah

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