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Monday, August 31, 2009

Oil in Malawi

Seriously, I never knew this. I'm debating whether it's not my fault that i didn't know because I've been constantly reminded by those in the know how devoid of important minerals my country is or; it could actually be my fault, after all it has been said that my stan doesn't read enough. Eh, nje! They say the best way to keep information from my stan is to put it in books. Anywho, STAN HERE IS THE LOW-DOWN. Don't thank me if it's true information, I only happened to chance upon it thank GOD.

"Malawi - British Central Africa protectorate between 1883 and 1907, just about the time Oil was discovered there (the first oil found in the world)

So we spent 14 years in this country removing the wealth of this nation at the end of a bayonett - which is part of the reason you live in a wealthy nation today - and how do we treat the unfortunate descendants of a country we decided to mess up?

Another point that people will miss about immigration is a simple one - ask yourself why is capital (i.e. wealth) allowed to move across borders without any hinderance, but the labour that needs to follow it is restricted?

That's exactly why Britain is (and will always be) a popular destination for immigrants. We took the wewalth from their country during colonial times and they are simply trying to follow it.

If anyone thinks immigration controls are fair after digesting this point then I would be interested to know how you justify it.

If I came to your house tonight and emptied it of all your posessions leaving you with nothing, surely you would try everything to get into my house tomorrow night to either take it all back (and if you failed that becaue my military might is greater than yours) or to at least try to hide in my cupboard so you can watch your own TV!

Just because your MP is a hypocrite - doesn't mean you have to be one too."

pic: humanrace.wordpress

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