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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gabriel's Radio and Zanga's Bolivia

I made two mistakes in the past short while. I ignored important messages. Suleman sent an invitation to all on his Facebook list to join in the campaign in support of the young man, Gabriel, a high school drop-out in Mulanje who built and operates his own Pachikweza Radio Station using locally available technical equipment. Unlike William and his windmill, Gabriel's technological genius contravened the Communications Regulatory Body's broadcasting laws: he has no licence. Happily, with the mobilisation of citizens who care, it is all resolved now and Gabriel has support to reach further into his technological destiny. Thanks to mass mobilisation. But sadly, all this happened and i had never opened the facebook message until yesterday. I am off the band wagon, nie?

Second mistake, Zanga forwarded an excerpt of Ecuador and Bolivia's stance against neo-liberalism. An insight so inspiring and so necessary to emulate, ah, all this happened and I had never opened the forwarded email message until today.

pic. wikipedia

I look down in shame, as folks move for the justice and support of little man(sic) in his quest making a mark' and the little nations (sic), justice here, equality there...I am caught with my hands down with unopened emails of this importance shame on the Buckaroo.

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