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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When Women Vye for 20% Males, it's that X factor thing.

The benefit of being over the mid-twenties bridge is having a few more morsels of wisdom than the younger folk. Yearp, finally agree, any way you look at it: popular guys don't necessarily make Mr. Right. Sadly, we all grow up dreaming of the proverbial Prince Charming, the veritable dream guy. Only one mistake we make, we look on the outside.

I once heard and embellished a statement that went thus: '(Christian)Women dream of a man who looks like Brad Pitt (or Morris Chestnut as far as 'bruthas' come), has the spirituality of Billy Graham and the smooth voice of Ne-Yo, and has all the c's to boot (cash, car, cottage-by-the-sea etc.

To borrow from the 'why did i get married' movie; the 20% concept as I interpret it seems to be true; 'woman meets good guy but he's missing the 'X' factor, she spends years looking for the 'X' factor. Society tells her the 'X' factor is that polished all-round fabulousness a la 'he knows exactly how to make an impression, all the guys want to be him; she finally finds the 'X' factor and spends the rest of her life acknowledging that an 'X' is all he is. There is no A, there is no B, heck, no C-W or Z either. Just a plain ol' 'X' factor and nothing else.

A pox on daytime soap operas. The good guys always look good, i wonder why in real life only 20% of them have stable relationships. It's that 'X' factor I tell you. FEAR the 'X' factor

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